When A Wounded Deer Came Looking For Help, Her Human Friend Knew Just What To Do.

Eva is matron of her herd. The deer live near humans and have come to know and trust them. Because the people live near the herd’s migration area, they have no issues with the wild deer coming and eating the clover on their lawns of the vegetation plants. When one of the deer is in trouble, the people will rally and help!

The deer they come to help in this video is Eva. She has a few scrapes and sores along her back. The woman in the video spends a few moments showing Eva some love by petting her and cleaning off some dirt that must have gotten on the deer. When she comes back, the woman puts Bach Flower Remedy Rescue Cream on Eva’s wounds hoping that the faster they heal, the less likely they are to become infected.

Wait until you see what Eva does later to show her appreciation!

What an incredible place for Eva and her heard to be in, but the best part is that they have people around them who care for and love them! Share away, people!

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