She Disappeared Without A Trace in 1850, Then Years Later They Found THIS!

It was just about a century and a half ago when Native American tribes would use facial tattoos as spiritual rites of passage. This brings us to the story of a white Mormon girl who ended up with one of those tattoos. Her story is bizarre but is definitely interesting to say the least…

You see, it all started back in 1851 when the Oatman family found themselves traveling through western Arizona and southeastern California. They were simply searching for a place to settle down after breaking away from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

The family was following the Mormon rebel, James C. Brewster, who told them that California was known to be the “intended gathering place” for all Mormons instead of Utah. A group of 90 started the journey but that large group didn’t last long…

This woman disappeared in the wild west more than a century ago. People couldn’t believe their eyes when she was found…

#1 This Is Olive Oatman

Olive Oatman was just a little girl when her group of mormons was attacked and slaughtered by native Mojaves in Arizona in the 1800’s. Everyone was slaughtered except her and her little sister.

#2 They Were Adopted Into The Tribe

Back then, the natives had a peculiar tradition when it came to white women and small children. Instead of killing them, they would adopt them into their tribe and force them to live like them.

#3 During A Severe Drought, Olive’s Little Sister Died

Soon after they were taken, there was a huge drought in Arizona. This caused the whole tribe to go hungry, and Olive’s little sister starved to death.

#4 Olive Fully Integrated Into The Tribe

After her sister’s death, Olive felt she had no family left. All she had was the tribe that had taken her in, and so she fully became one of them. Rumor has it she even took a Mojave husband and had two children.

#5 She Was Tattooed In The Tradition Of The Tribe

In order to become part of the tribe, she had to get the traditional tattoos. She had no hope of ever going back to her people, so she got the tattoos.

#6 She Was Found By Whites After Years

After many years, she was found by white people, who brought her back to civilization. But she had forgotten how to speak English, and she had trouble reintegrating back into society for the rest of her life, as she was a marked woman in more ways than one.

#7 Eva Toole From ‘Hell On Wheels’ Is Based On Olive

Recently, an episode of ‘Hell On Wheels’ has a character that is based on Olive! Her name is Eva Toole.

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