Native American Teacher Under Fire for Wearing Headdress and Tomahawk

Every time I think leftists have achieved peak stupidity, they invariably manage to eclipse their prior deeds with words and actions even dumber than before.

Case in point: Leftist snowflakes at the University of New Mexico threw a collective hissy fit late last month after an unnamed Native American faculty member of the department of Advanced Technologies wore a Native American outfit for Halloween.

And I kid you not …

“This department member horrendously cultural appropriated indigenous regalia, and it sends a clear message to all Indigenous students at UNM that the University thinks that your culture is a costume,” the snowflakes, part of a group called the KIVA Club, whined on Facebook.

They continued by bemoaning those at the school’s Student Union Building who apparently posted pictures of the offending department member to social media.

The snowflakes were positively steaming.

“KiVA Club is disgusted by the blatant racism demonstrated at this UNM event and we want to see that the people involved are held accountable for the despicable celebration of racism in the event,” the post concluded.

The most stunning part of this whole ordeal is that these emotionally stunted fools fully realize that the staff member whom they derided as “racist” is herself a Native American.

“Just because you’re Native American, does not give you a free pass to rock a headdress or a tomahawk,” the club’s co-president Joaquina Castillo said to local news station KRQE.

KIVA Club member Hope Alvrado explained that just because the staff member is part of the Navajo Nation, she didn’t have a right to dress as a member of another Native American tribe.

“Headdresses are not part of Navajo culture, at all, in any way. It’s more of a Plains indigenous peoples culture,” she said. “People need to be held accountable. We need to call it what it is and that’s cultural appropriation. It’s racism.”

I’m sorry, but both of these young ladies are complete idiots.

Here are the facts: Anyone has a right to wear any costume they desire because America is a free country governed by reasonable laws, not a communist hellhole ruled by the ludicrous demands of puerile wannabe dictators.

econd, the fact that the teacher happens to be Native American completely refutes this idea that she’s somehow a racist or was engaging in racism.

Last but not least, the entire notion of “cultural appropriation” makes no sense.

As I explained in another piece for Conservative Tribune earlier this year, nearly every contemporary custom we take for granted originated with — or was “appropriated” from — another culture — the ancient Greeks, Egyptians, Sumerians, etc.

Culture is at its core a transcendent phenomenon that spans geographic and ethnic boundaries across the centuries and even millennia, meaning that this notion that any particular subset of modern people “own” certain cultural styles and fashions is just plain wrong, as well as immensely ignorant.

And well, as far as I can tell, these two ladies are immensely ignorant and in dire need of a better education.

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