Man kicked a wandering dog. what the dog did afterwards is just genius!

Only because a dog is wandering, some people think they can treat it however they want. It is a sad reality of live, and this guy is guilty for this.

A man in Chongqing, China, found a stray dog lying in his parking place and decided to kick him and scare him away. He kicked the dog until the dog left the place. But he did not know karma is about to enter him hard.

Instead of trying to move the dog gently from his parking space, or even make a noise that would cause the dog to get up and leave, he decided to use violence and kick the poor dog. Imagine how surprised he was when he returned a few minutes later and saw the dog doing this to his car.

Just like that! The dog went and came back with friends and they started to chew the guy’s car

We are sure he will remember this the next time he wants to kick a dog

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