Man Finds Fascinating Native American Trail Marker Along Chattahoochee River

While exploring in the woods, this man came across a strangely-bent tree. The mysterious tree is actually a trail marker made by Native Americans over 200 years ago!

The man was hiking in the woodlands along the Chattahoochee River in Georgia, when he spotted the abnormally-shaped tree on the hillside and explains that it was possibly made by the Creek Indians over 200 years ago as a trail marker.

Screenshot via Rumble

The trail trees are usually hardwood trees that have a horizontal bend several feet off the ground, which makes it visible at greater distances, even in snow.

Screenshot via Rumble

In the video, the man explains that they would cut the tree and shape it by attaching straps that would pull the tree to the ground and bend it into shape.

What a fascinating discovery! I’ll definitely be on the look-out for a trail tree next time I go for a hike in the woods.


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