Justice for dog buried alive on a beach!

A video published on social media illustrates the daily plight of the dogs in Brazil. The video shows how a dog was discovered deeply buried in the ground on Cidreira beach, in the state of Rio Grande Do Sul – a place well-known for its sandy beaches and crystal clear waters.

A group of beachgoers heard the dog panting and decided to call for help. Rescuers had to dig a few moments before they actually got to the puppy, who was barely alive.

The dog was pulled to the surface and rushed to a veterinary clinic. Sadly, an update indicates that shortly after being rescued, the puppy’s body shut down and this innocent creature died, amid a terrifying experience.

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It is unclear if the dog belonged to someone or was a stray.

The person responsible for this monstrosity is still at large. We must do everything in our power to ensure justice is served. Brazil does have animal welfare laws in place – we ask nothing more than the law to be applied!

Demand an investigation into this matter and help bring the culprit to justice.

Furthermore, we ask the authorities to consider implementing special animal police squads throughout the entire state of Rio Grande do Sul to patrol and tackle cases involving cruelty to animals.

We, the undersigned, strongly feel that such a measure would be highly benefical and will help improve animal welfare in the region and will prevent such terrible incidents for happening in the future.

This harmless dog was buried deep in the sand on a beach in Brazil

The dog had no way of getting itself out

Sadly, the puppy died shortly after being rescued.


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