Fishermen cut open the stomach of a dead shark, look what they found inside…

Because of changes in weather patterns all over the world, the natural habitat of creatures both in land and at sea are also gradually destroyed. These animals try to seek another shelter but are often met with unforeseen events that lead to their death.

Just like these pregnant tiger sharks trapped in the fishing nets of fishermen in Taitung County, Taiwan. One morning, a mother tiger shark weighing almost 200 kg got trapped in their fishing nets.

When the shark was taken out of the water, she was already dead. The fishermen noticed her big hanging abdomen and they noted that it was jiggling. This was when they suspected that the mommy shark could be pregnant.

So, in an effort to rescue the baby tiger sharks, they decided to cut open the belly of the mommy shark. A total of 37 pups was taken from her womb. However, 7 of these pups died because they are too weak.

The following day, another mother tiger shark was caught in the net of another fishermen. They also did the same to this shark and they were able to pull out 75 living pups.

The still alive pups were then turned over to the Eastern Marine Biology Research Center so they will be given the proper care that they need.

As reported by Goodtimes, when the young sharks were deemed to be fit, they can be released into the ocean. A micro-satellite marker was also on each of them before they were released so that the data could be collected in them for future marine biological research use.






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