We all want to look good, to feed our self-esteem and in addition to show off the clothes we always wanted. But having a body from our dreams is a matter of discipline and hard work, that’s why, to achieve this you must put aside the sedentary lifestyle. Many people believe that an operation can solve all the imperfections of the body that is so true. But nothing is better than to achieve things naturally because the organism assimilates it in a better way and you are also saving your pocket. So, it is clear that to achieve great goals you need to sacrificy; if you are a person who wants to remove the fat from your body, especially one that is on the back, then read the following tips we have for you.


Exercises to remove fat from the back

The first thing you should do is to find a sportswear, take time out of your schedule, turn on the music that will encourage you to increase the enthusiasm. Now, we will tell you the exercise routines to remove that annoying fat on the back. Are you ready? Exercise 1 (Strengthening the muscles of the lower back): Lie down with the stomach stuck to the floor, stretch your arms forward but only touching  the ears with the shoulders, arching the back backwards (without using your hands on the floor) and keep your legs stretched resting on the floor. Then keep 5 seconds in rest position and then rest the head backwards to the initial position again. Do one set of 10 repetitions and increase the series as they pass through the weeks.

Exercise 2 (Remove the rolls from your back): Take the initial position of the previous exercise, then place your hands on the back of your head and lift your torso as in the past exercise. Then place your head in the starting position.


Make two series of 15 repetitions each. Remember to tighten the abdomen when you elevate.

Exercise 3 (Remove fat from the lower back): The initial position is to put your hands behind your head, but this time instead of lifting the back backwards, you will raise it sideways. First you work the right side, then the left. Make 2 series of 10 repetitions for each side.

Exercise 4 (Remove fat from the back): Let’s get in a Cat position or a Cow position in Yoga, namely, put the knees  and the palms on the floor, press the abdomen and let’s arch your back like a cat and then lower down like the stomach is going to touch the ground. Make a series of 3 repetitions. Remember to complete these exercises with a healthy diet. Share with all your contacts.