Most of the women have problems with losing weight from the lower body, particularly the hips and thighs, the most common areas where the fat accumulates. The most common causes for this are: hormones, genetics and an unhealthy way of life.


The following breakfast has been confirmed by many nutritionists as ideal for losing weight since it is loaded with vitamins and minerals that are capable to improve the look of your hair and skin, normalize the metabolism and improve the all the body systems. It will also purify your organism from toxins and cleanse your bowels.

This recipe will solve the problems linked with lazy bowels and constipation, normalizes weight and stimulates the fat and calorie burning processes. Consume this drink regularly for 1 month and you will lose 3-11 pounds. You will improve the health and look of your skin, nails and hair.



  • 2 tablespoons of oat
  • 1 cup (250ml) of organic kefir (or low-fat yogurt)
  • 1 teaspoon of cocoa powder
  • 1 teaspoon of milled flaxseed
  • 5-7 fleshy plums


You should prepare this breakfast the evening before.

Pour the plums with 100ml of boiling water. Cover the container and leave them to stay for 10 minutes. Use some bowl and add the oatmeal, cocoa and flaxseed. Now you can pour the kefir over the mixture and whisk everything well. Now is the time to cut the plums into small pieces and put them in the mixture. If you like, you can put the whole mixture in your blender. Refrigerate the mixture until the next morning.

Drink this mixture in the morning. You will have positive results within 7 days. During the first day, you may feel strange feeling in the intestines, but you will have no problems for the rest of the days.

The Asian populations are using kefir for long time because it promotes longevity. It normalizes the metabolism, which is very important for our overall health. Poor and slow metabolism can cause fat accumulations.

Kefir works on two-pronged levels. First, it provides maximal metabolic function and it assists the organism to remove the toxins. Moreover, kefir is completely natural and doesn’t cause negative side-effects.

The report of the National Institute of Health says:” kefir and its related products are known nutraceutical dairy foods produced through fermentation of yeasts and bacteria included in kefir grains. The nutritional properties of this naturally carbonated drink are thanks to the yeast and bacteria.”

Kefir controls the glucose levels and improves metabolism. If you consume kefir regularly every day, you will lose significant amount of fat in all body parts.



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